Gray Roads of uncertainty ~ Η ΕΛΕΥΘΕΡΗ ΦΩΝΗ
Η ΕΛΕΥΘΕΡΗ ΦΩΝΗ: Gray Roads of uncertainty

3 Ιανουαρίου 2009

Gray Roads of uncertainty

Roads of madness that noone has ever passed,
why couldnt i never stay with u in touch?
why every day u drink my soul,
for my life's sake you make me crawl?
The only friends u can embrace,
a frozen hug not human's race.
Only u can have the might,
the leader of the ages,
to lose at all the fight,
to strike a man in grief,
to drop a king in weep.
This beast it is ashame,
noone can bring in tame.
With this in mind
day by day
for all the time,
even between my pray.
i entrust u road my holy cry,
a chow to be for an in blossom tree,
for every passengers the mind to flee,
Im sure the tree 
would be dressed out,
this trip now llbe 
of every tales out.
Walk through passenger my final stiches,
for u to rest the time reaches.

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